About Amber Forum

Amberforum-2017 is one of the biggest international discussion and exhibition grounds in the industry that covers the latest tendencies in amber extracting and processing, new vectors of product application and market development.
Amberforum -2017 will take place at Yantar-Holl theater in Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad region on 28-30 July 2017.

Business programme of the forum is dedicated to discussion of main challenges and tendencies in development of amber industry, advanced technologies in amber extracting and processing, worldwide market prospects.

Participation in Amberforum-2017 is an effective way to increase brand recognizability among final customers, enhance retail business ties, attract new focused customers.

Forum participants get an opportunity to demonstrate new amber product collections, jewelry, elite accessories, souvenirs and gifts. Most of the visitors tend to purchase products exhibited at the forum after visiting the fair grounds for personal or business use.

Amberforum-2017 is a successful business base to exhibit results of research and development. The forum also provides powerful capabilities to conduct marketing research and analyze competitive environment and customers preferences.

A number of visitors plan to visit the forum, including representatives of business segment, state authorities and those interested in Amber industry from Russia and foreign countries.

  • 3

  • 10

  • 20+

    field-related events
  • 150

  • 500

    participants of business programme


  • Mikhail Zatsepin General Director, JSC «Kaliningrad Amber Combine»
  • Lana Egorova Lana Egotova Head of art project Prussian honey", the artist-jeweler
  • Inga Lyashenko Dr.sc.ing. Riga Technical University


2-days long Business programme consists of a set of plenaries, thematic round tables and expert sessions on the actual issues and development tendencies of the amber industry and includes seminars, workshops and open lectures.

The key topic of the Forum is “The amber industry development: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow”.

Among the main Forum’s themes:

  • Development of amber industry
  • Technologies and new markets
  • Historical and cultural influence of amber as a brand
  • Amber industry in the context of geocultural and economic development of the region
  • Education and development of human resources
1 Day

28th OF JULY 2017, 10:00AM-10:30PM






Exhibition. Day 1


Main entrance, Conference hall


Exhibition  registration

East entrance, Concert Hall


Welcome coffee for exhibition participants

Main entrance, Conference hall


Exhibition opening ceremony, welcome tour of exhibition grounds. 

East entrance, Concert Hall


Opening ceremony at stage of Yantar-Holl theater.
Host: Yelena Volova
Plenary meeting.
“Economic growth boosters. Clusters. Small and medium businesses”.
01:05.-01:20PM- Speech by S. Chemezov
01:20.-01:35PM Speech by A. Alikhanova
01:35-01:50PM  Speech by V. Mashchitsky
01:50-02:05PM Speech by M. Zatsepin
01:45-02:00PM Speech  by M. Kochar, General Manager of International Amber Association 
02:00-02.: 5PM Speech by M. Sharonov
02:15-02:30PM Q&A




Press scrum at the main hall



Lunch-break at the foyer (1st and 2nd floor)

East entrance, Concert Hall


Ceremony dedicated to 70th anniversary of Kaliningrad Amber Plant, Yantar-Holl Concer Hall.

East entrance, Concert Hall


Reception dedicated to 70th anniversary of Kaliningrad Amber Plant. Yantar-Holl foyer. Invitation only.

All day in a roadstead



Yantar Holl square


Open Air events for exhibition guests and residents of Kaliningrad region. Number of participants in not limited.
Format: open-air concert.
Performers: orchestra, music bands, dancing  ensembles.




23 Day №2 and

29th and 30th OF JULY 2017, 9.30AM-9.00PM

Saturday, July 29th





Exhibition. Day 2

Main entrance, Conference hall


Exhibition registration, welcome coffee

Main entrance, Conference hall


Topical sessions at Yantar-Holl,  Svetlogorsk
10:00-11:30AM- Topical session “Amber Way”
History, culture and tourism.
Host– Tatyana Suvorova,  Director of Amber History Museum.
VIP Speakers (list under confirmation)

11:45AM-01.00PM  Topical session  “Development of Human Capital”
VIP Speakers (list under confirmation)



Lunch break

Main entrance, Conference hall


Topical session  “Amber as Russia’s National Brand”
Host – under approval
Speakers (list under confirmation)



Break, transfer to Yantarny township

Main entrance, Conference hall


Continuing topical sessions at Yantar-Holl,  Svetlogorsk
03:15-04:30PM topical session “Manufacturing Technologies, Industrialization and Industrial Partnership”
Host – under approval
Speakers (list under confirmation).


Yantar Holl square


Open Air event “Amber is connecting people”
Number of participants in not limited.
Format: open-air concert, street food, family festival
Performers: music bands, dancing  ensembles, acrobats.


Yantarnaya street



Open Air event at Yantarny Township for exhibition participants, guests and local residents.

Sunday, July 30th






Exhibition. Day 3

Main entrance, Conference hall


Exhibition registration, welcome coffee

Main entrance, Conference hall


Amber Auction

Main entrance, Conference hall


Topical session “The Gem that Gives Life”
Host : Alexander Laryushkin
Speakers (list under confirmation).



Ceremony of signing the Forum Final Resolution

Svetlohorsk, Rus Hotel


Reception for Kaliningrad region  representatives of amber industry organized by forum committee. Annual awards “Amber Olymp” ceremony.
Interim stage of competition to design symbol of  Annual International Amber Industry Forum.



Exhibition is the main base to enhance cooperation between state, business and final customers. The main goal of exhibition is to demonstrate the newest Russian and foreign technologies used in amber industry. Visitors will learn about new tendencies and exchange experience during the 3 open days (July 28th-30th)

Exhibition is open for visitors.

Topical units:

  • Manufacturers of amber processing equipment unit
  • Manufacturers of amber products unit
  • Cultural and historic unit
  • Regional unit: development of tourism in Russia

For Exponents


A number of events is planned to take place during the days of Amberforum and it aims at those who are interested in the amber industry and business, art, history and jewelry.

Participants of these events will get a fresh perspective of the sun-gem, meet interesting people and learn more about amber and its use in different fields.

  • Photo exhibition (Moscow. Svetlogorsk)
  • Art installations
  • Concerts
  • Excursions
  • Special programme for forum participants
  • Closed events for forum participants

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